Reading is one of my most important habits. Although I started reading late, I did not want to stop. For three years it has been part of my daily life, like eating and drinking. At that time, I bought an electronic reader. Now, on average, I read about one book a week. Below it non-fiction books with little more than 200 pages and novels of up to 1,000 pages.

I read no news and no gossip. And if it does, I’ll book that as entertainment. But by reading I understand more. I mean books or special interest magazines from which I can learn something. Reading is about getting deeper into a topic or a story. I want to record more than just information shreds, as is customary on the Internet.



Reading gives me a lot. In my personal development, reading has given me a big boost.


Reading gives me peace. I can escape the stimulating environment. There is no talk. No advertising. No noise in the background. As I read, I escape this noise and concentrate fully on the book. If my thoughts do not want to stand still, I can sink into many a novel world. Rarely I am as careful as when reading. I prefer to read works by Hermann Hesse, in whose stories I recognize myself.


Reading gives me knowledge. The knowledge in this world doubles every few years. We do not have a chance to do it all. But today we can get more information than ever before, because there are more books than ever before. How nice that there are authors who prepare their years of experience in a field in a book that we can read in a few hours!

If I want to know more about a topic, I’ll just get some books and read. So I become a better author, entrepreneur and person.


Reading gives me new ideas. It does not matter if I read a novel or a non-fiction book. Reading extends my horizons. I open up the perspective of the author, which is based on experiences other than my own. This creates a whole new perspective. This gives my brain impulses that become ideas. Often I get them directly while reading. But even hours later, my subconscious is working on a new idea. I can implement many of these in my work and my private life.


Reading inspires me. Some books make me change my life like ready player one epub . The book Think Big! David Schwartz once inspired me to think bigger. James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself” inspired me to listen more to me than to others. And numerous biographies – i.a. Those of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mike Tyson and Hermann Hesse – showed me that these supermen started small and had a successful life.


Reading trains my brain, because it is a demanding process. I have to concentrate deeply and not turn my attention away. I have to think along, because a text can only convey a limited amount of information. The rest I have to imagine through my imagination. When reading, I have to strain my brain and stay mentally fit. Therefore, reading is a good habit for people who are mentally under-stressed in everyday life.

If that’s not enough for you, just have a look at myMONK. Tim knows a few more reasons why we should read more books.

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