The Best Electric Skateboards of 2019

If you are over 25/30 years old, you will remember when as kids the television flooded us with American television series where teenagers walked around the city on a small four-wheeled board: skateboarding. Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge, and today skateboarding has not only become a real means of locomotion for many kids in our cities, but has had in the meantime its own technological evolution, which in recent years has led to that which we all call electric skateboards. In these lines I will describe the most famous models of this new era of skateboarding, and why you should prefer them to others.

Best Electric Skateboards

If before choosing you want to clarify your ideas and evaluate the fundamental characteristics to look for in the best cheap electric skateboard for you I have prepared for you a short guide to the choice.

Best Electric Skateboard: Selection Guide

As you may have noticed, electric skateboards are available in different versions and with various features. How can you choose the best electric skateboard for your needs? Just set some key points.


If you are an inexperienced user, I advise you to consider this feature above all others. In fact, the more self-balancing a skateboard is, the less are the chances that you can end up sitting on the floor. Standing seems like child’s play, but in the beginning it’s not like that at all (in the worst case scenario, you could even evaluate a model with the handlebar).


They have been around for some years now and finally the cheapest models are available to everyone. Hoverboards are tables with wheels equipped with an electric motor. There are no wheels or buttons to press and the movement is controlled with the body. Through a sophisticated system of sensors, the hoverboard detects and interprets in real time the distribution of our weight that understands when we want to go straight, turn etc.

One Wheel Electric Skateboard

Single wheel hoverboards are the first step towards a concept of sustainable mobility that evolves and becomes more and more accessible to everyone. It is comparable to an electric scooter but much less crowded. Learning to use an electric single wheel can be a challenge, but learning to use it will bring an incredible advantage to those who decide to use it instead of the car or scooter for short journeys. It also replaces the bicycle, with the advantage of not making us sweat, to get us fresh to our destination.

Obviously the skate can be used in totally manual mode for an experience as original as possible. What is most sought after in a product of this kind is autonomy, the power that the engines deliver and customizations.

Wireless control

This is the second of the features in my opinion most important for a non-expert. With wireless control, in fact, you can use the remote control or the smartphone (see the Yuneec of the E-Go) to accelerate or brake, so that your feet can think only to stand firmly on the skateboard.


If you are a master on skateboard and need new challenges, I suggest you try the 2-wheeler (the hoverbaord). Although it also has a great self-balance, in fact, thanks to the controls based on the inclinations of the feet (forward to accelerate, back to brake) you can demonstrate all your skill.


For the vast majority of people, electric skateboarding is a game, but with an autonomy of more than 20 km on average, it could even be a means of locomotion for going to school or work. If you think using it to get around town is a stretch, look out the window and see how many kids run around it

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