The Best Smartwatch 2019 – Buying Guide

The Best Smartwatch 2019 is the ultimate smartphone accessory. It can of course display the time, but also send important notifications directly to the wrist of the wearer and run integrated applications. Today, a smartwatch is equipped with a variety of different apps. For example, you can search the Internet by voice, record movement with GPS or pay by the clock.

In addition, current smartwatches look absolutely fantastic. A smartwatch is no longer a meaningless freak accessory. These are powerful devices that can be helpful in everyday life in many ways.

Best Smartwatch 2019

Here is our full list of the best 2019 smartwatches, including models from Apple to Garmin, Huawei to Samsung.

Apple Watch 4 – Best Smartwatch in the test

The Apple Watch Series 4 is, in our opinion, the best smartwatch in 2019. For the first time, Apple has updated the design of its smartwatch line, which looks all the better.

The display is bigger and you can choose between 40mm and 44mm screen size. In addition, the display has been equipped with the latest OLED technology. Otherwise, the technology is what you are used to from the Apple Watch.

This technology is not available at launch, and for the moment we only know it will be available in the US. This is not an upgrade, which is not relevant for everyone, but for some people this could be a very important technical support.

Fitness features are still in abundance and the smartwatch is outfitted with the latest WatchOS 5 apps. The Apple Watch 4 is our first choice, but it can unfortunately only be used in conjunction with the iPhone.

The speaker is slightly louder than the model 3. The design is still lightweight (but still feels high quality) and you can use existing Apple Watch bracelets with this latest generation.

Michael Kors MKT 5020 – Best Smartwatch 2019 for Ladies

The US fashion label Michael Kors Access released in September 2016 the specially designed for ladies smartwatch MKT-5020. It is intended for women and accordingly glamorous, if much more than just a fashion accessory. The smartwatch is very comfortable to wear and has all the gadgets of modern weareables.

Michael Kors has an excellent reputation in the fashion world, and such expectations follow him when it comes to smartwatch watches. The Michael KorsMKT-5020 has a completely round display that avoids the flat look of its predecessor – the Michael KorsMT-80 – and looks all the better.

The Michael Kors Access Sofie has a completely round display. The dial with 42 mm diameter is particularly high-quality with its 1.19-inch AMOLED screen and a resolution of 390 x 390 x 390 pixels.

It means that clarity and brightness are in the foreground, with all the text, notification icons and dials looking very clear, no matter how bright or dull the weather is around you.

It is possible to set the brightness level to the desired setting and enable Always On, so that the dial only becomes monochrome while displaying the time when you are not using it.

Somewhat cumbersome is the operation of the smartwatch via the small buttons. Of course nobody wants to gamble with a smartwatch, this is much easier with a suitable gaming keyboard. But dealing with the menus and choosing the right button takes a bit of getting used to

Samsung Gear S3 – Best Smartwatch 2019

The watches of the Samsung Gear series have been dominating the market of smartwatches for many years. It is a perfect combination of marketing and product development to maintain this position. The Smartwatch the Gear Series is the first choice.

Immediately after unpacking you realize that the S3 is a top smartwatch. Released earlier this year, S3 focuses on everything that was right in previous versions and adds even more features than before. Accordingly, the price is slightly higher compared to comparable devices.

First of all, the build quality is very impressive as high quality materials are used throughout the manufacturing process. The watch definitely feels like a stylish accessory, just as a premium smartwatch should be.

Unlike some of the other smartwatches on the market, the Gear S3 does not run on Android OS, but on Samsung’s own operating system called Tizen. In the run up to this review I had my doubts about this operating system, because it is still something new and unknown to me.

Fortunately, I can say that the operating system is promising. However, a serious lack of apps may put some users off after using the watch for a week. Samsung has recently released an updated version of this operating system, which, for example, lets you save Offline Spotify playlists to 4GB of storage.

This feature makes my life easier, because I no longer have to rely on my data connection to listen to the music when I’m out there. The Gear S3 has an animated always-on display, and unlike some of the other watches, this is a fantastic display.

Another great thing we noticed about the Gear S3 is the fact that it is equipped with different activity trackers. While some people may have doubts, especially considering the amount of permissions required for operation. Are these trackers extremely helpful?

The Gear S3 also has a great, intuitive user interface, which is one of the best in the field of smartwatches. All these good qualities come together to make this device a top smartwatch. However, there are some criticisms that must be taken into account.

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