How to Build Muscle

Here are the best muscle building tips.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I tell you that it will pay off.

If you want to look good naked, you need strong muscles.

A strong muscle corset not only makes you more attractive, but also more powerful, healthier, happier and younger. Especially women still neglect this point too often.

Every day I see people in the gym who want to change their body – and shoot their powder during cardio training.

Do not get me wrong. Endurance training is justified. But:

If you want to have (and keep) a slim, strong, sexy body, then there is no way around strength training.

Let that be said of a coach who is a passionate runner himself.

You’ve probably seen people who are massive and have big, soft muscles. Others are almost gaunt and still strong.

If you are like most people, then your goal is in between.

This is not a bodybuilding site. I’ll tell you how to become strong and defined like a Hollywood star – not like a bodybuilder.

In the following articles you will find step-by-step instructions for your training and muscle building tips that will allow you to make progress in a few weeks that you will feel and see.

A bullet-proof 7-step method of building muscle

In the following 7 articles you will learn step by step how muscle building works.

You may be surprised because some principles go deeper than what you will read in fitness magazines or books.

  • What is strength training? The 7 Success Foundations of “Right” Muscle Building Trainings. Start here!
  • 2 strange mechanisms in muscle building training that you should know. With this knowledge, you gain an “unfair” training advantage over other athletes.
  • How Muscle Growth Works: The Principle of Cumulative Fatigue.
  • Sweet spot training for laser-focused muscle building: How to optimally align the training principles to your goal. You should read this article if you want more than just muscle mass.
  • How fast can you build muscle? You want to be crisp and you create a body, after which others turn around? Here you will learn how much time you should bring.
  • How much muscle is possible? You want to look nude and not be a monster hulk, sure. That’s not possible without prohibited substances anyway. In this article, you’ll learn where the natural limit lies.
  • Why do slim and sexy women lift heavy weights? Should women and men exercise differently? Why do I plead for “no”, you will find out here.

Mental Muscle Building Tips That Make You Stronger

“Discipline is just a matter of purpose. Anyone who has his inner pictures clearly in mind can not wait for the next opportunity to act. “Arnold Schwarzenegger

The multiple Mr. Olympia had a secret of success that is rarely talked about: he always had a crystal clear picture of his goal. Although others considered him untalented, he stuck to it – and made his trademark success.

You can too. How you set goals for you and create conditions that make success inevitable, you will find out here:

Muscle Building Tips: How Effective Is Your Training Program Really?

If you want to have long term success in training, you should know and understand the following basic principles. So you save yourself later frustration and missteps.

Muscle Food: The Right Nutrition in Building Muscle

“Muscles are made in the kitchen,” they say. There is something on that.

Even if you still diligently implement the above training principles – the effect will fizzle out, if you do not give your muscles the necessary nutrients.

Here you will find out what to look for in your diet:

Muscle Nutritional Supplements: Which ones help, which not?

The fitness industry is booming. This will also benefit manufacturers of sports foods, whose sales have been growing at a high double-digit rate for years.1

The marketing of many products – from the muscle-building accelerator to the fat booster – promises wonders. But many sports supplements are ineffective – and if they speed things up, then the rate at which the purse empties.

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